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xx How to host a server for a few friends in Venge
« Thread started on: May 9th, 2010, 9:13pm »

This thread is mostly for Ace & Jack Vulpine.

So, here you go.

First click the HOST button (duh) in venge connection screen.
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Set your settings.

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Then just give your friend the IP address of the server.

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xx Re: How to host a server for a few friends in Veng
« Reply #1 on: May 9th, 2010, 10:23pm »

Also for ports:
For the port questions I'll just quote an old topic.

on Jan 5th, 2006, 8:50pm, Jackolope wrote:
Well in light of everything that happened, I thought I would RE post some of the questions AND answers to help people if they ever have these problems.

Q> I'm trying to host and my server doesn't show up in ZONE. Why?

A> The router is blocking your server. You must open ports in your VIRTUAL SERVER or DMZ.

Enable Disable (click enabled)

Name MW Server port 1

Private IP (or whatever the address of your server is)

Protocal Type Select both from the dropdown

Private Port 27999

Public Port 27999

click the radio/check box button for always

click submit and it will add the rule. Repeat this process for each of the ports. i.e.

Enable Disable (Click enabled)

Name MW Server port 2

Private IP (or whatever the IP of your server is)

Protocal Type (Select Both from the dropdown)

Private Port 28805

Public Port 28805

click the radio button for always

click submit

Do this for the following information:

The following TCP ports must be open:
27999, 28805, 28806, 28807, 28808
47624 Inbound
2300-2400 Inbound

The following UDP port must be open:

Q> I keep getting knocked off line when the other computer on my network connects to the same server.

A> Microsoft Sucks. Use this to get around that.
It's called DX port and it will let two or more computers use the direct play ports behind a router. Here is the link http://www.puffinsoft.com/

on Jan 19th, 2008, 5:38pm, Frost wrote:
Well, Saturday "11:00pm central USA time" is Sunday 6:00am central European time, we are 7 hrs ahead at the moment - will check your TS tomorrow, probably somewhat later wink

But maybe you could try this steps as a first attempt to fix the problem:

1) Assign your computers static LAN ip's
2) Install DXPort on all Computers running Mech
3) Make the router port forwarding rules

How to assign static LAN ip's:


There are 2 ways to assign static LAN ip's:
1) in the router menu
2) at PC network settings

If you plan to unplug the router from time to time, better choose method 2 and assigned your PC to address (example) and the other PC to address (example) at their local network settings.
Network settings => your LAN or WLAN connection / right click = properties => TCP/IP / right click = properties =>
Fill in the entries:
fix IP:
subnet mask:
standard gateway: [your router's IP]
DNS server: [your router's IP]

Then these settings will last, you can leave your router with the default DHCP server settings, don't need to assign static IP at router.

Router and PC setup for DXPort:

You cannot forward the same ports to several machines at same time. This results in messages like "error. port conflict with address". This problem can be easily fixed by DXPort running on both PCs in your LAN. DXPort splits the DirectPlay 2300-2400 port range into separate ranges for each PC.

Only the server machine needs the 4 port range entries mentioned below, a client only needs 1 entry (from the 2300-2400 port range) .

Plz try the following router settings (all entries for TCP/UDP):
Note: DXPort must be running on both machines with exactly the same port ranges as defined at the router.

- the server machine (your PC) gets the ports:

- the other client PC (Siaboy's PC) gets the ports:

DXPort must be installed at both PC's. Here's the DXPort config for both PCs:
The server gets:
Start Port: 2302
End Port: 2311

The other PC gets:
Start Port: 2312
End Port: 2321

Hope this helps smiley

on Mar 26th, 2008, 12:19am, Jackolope wrote:

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Also this post is relevant, Its from me and Frost back last year some time. This totally fixed my problem with ports and hadn't had a problem since. wink Hope it helps you, btw, THANKS AGAIN FROST!

Whole topic is found HERE

These are old posts that together should help ya out with ports.. I am crossing my fingers that you have a router and that is what the trouble is. Routers are tricky devils- I've had more problems out of routers than any other computer problem.

If you do have a router and this looks greek to you, then don't worry. Just post some info about your router and if you an 'ctrl+print screen' your router settings screen and I will try to walk ya through it. It looks harder than it is.

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