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No servers Issue
Post by Yardbird on Apr 10th, 2012, 2:32pm

I have heard of a few folks having this issue when reinstalling the game...so I lifted this great post from AsheAngel

-Start up your game.
-Click multiplayer.
-Click "Connect". Do not click the mekmatch server browser.
-The game will connect you to the Davion server browser. This is not the correct one, but it will create the entries in your registry when you try to make the game connect to servers.
-Turn your game off
-Click Start
-Click Run
-"type regedit"
-Navigate here:

User Image

-Double click "ZoneServer" and change the words to match mine.
-Done. Restart game and good to go.


1. The reason you may not have the entries in your registry is because the game has to try to connect to the servers in a server browser before it creates them. Clicking the mekmatch button usually just hangs my personal game so it may have not worked on yours either.
2. You can always try to download by torrent and save the files instead of using MTX. You can make a quick reinstall this way with the files already downloaded and saved if you believe your game is corrupted in the future.
Re: No servers Issue
Post by Jackolope on Apr 12th, 2012, 01:53am

Thank you for posting this. I have heard MANY people say this and I have had no idea what they were talking about. Thanks for bringing this up and letting us know!

ps. Dig that new avatar! Daryl FTW!