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xx **Official Topic of DODGEBALL in 3.1**
« Thread started on: Jan 23rd, 2011, 5:41pm »

Discussion, we need one on this too. I think many people (except Beo) is chomping at the bit on how the heck can we get Dodgeball to work in 3.1! Use this thread to bounce some ideas off each other.

My ideas so far is:

Use Rockets instead of Bolts...


If we use Bolts have players turn their radar OFF. Doing so stops the bolt from locking. If we see bolts flying at odd angles and changing direction, we know someone is cheating.. but that would be hard as heck to police.

What we need is some simple rules that we can tell people on the fly. Also we will probably go back to the age old enforcement of "Lock the server when we play dball"

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xx Re: **Official Topic of DODGEBALL in 3.1**
« Reply #1 on: Jan 23rd, 2011, 7:23pm »

mah 2 cents....

Dodge ball is as natural to Veng as eggs are to chicken...

I say we need to focus on a game that uses the enhancements of MP3.1 and run with it! DBALL. will take some tweaking..and I am not sure it will draw a crowd there.....IMHO

I always liked Dball for it slap stick style play...but it really was always more about luck than skill..srsly...

Thant being said..I would hope we could add some Rugby and missions games in the mix...those appeal more to the folks in MP3.1

oh..and STB......not fun with the speedsters now.....it FORCES you into a small mech...no more big game changers in the game ....

.....Veng had is games...now it is up to us to define the WPPC spirit of games to the community.

I know folks STILL LOVE CTF!

....[/end opinion]
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