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 veryhotthread  Author  Topic: Mech Warrior 5 Dark Age  (Read 2954 times)
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xx Re: Mech Warrior 5 Dark Age
« Reply #30 on: Jul 12th, 2009, 4:45pm »

Jehosephat2kJul 9 2009, 13:47

QUOTE (candun @ Jul 9 2009, 14:43)
first off WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. now that i got that out the way, i have some questions. are uall going to make multiple download options?because like some1 said some are on 56k, and might not need FULL download. all some will want , or need is the clan/is mekpaks. and new people wouldnt really need veng and BK right? to be able to play the most recent version all they would need is mercs, mekpaks ,mektek patches and maps right?

It is not going to be a patch release like inthe past. In fact, we are getting rid of that from now on.

Unfortunately you will have to get on bittorrent to get it when it is released, a DVD .iso. you may have to get a friend to burn it for you. I may to B+Ps if you ask nicely.

Also, we will be elivering MP3.02b renamed 3.1 with the updater enhancements and everything. So, if you want to play older versions you will need the old disks, sorry.

QUOTE (Eradicated @ Jul 9 2009, 14:44)
From the top of my head:

MP4 is more about changing gameplay as a whole rather than just new mechs.

- 10 New Mechs (Turkina, plus some bad ************ looking chassis's)
- Complete Radar overhaul, works by Line of Sight now, so with the core radar suite what you see if what you can detect
- Seismic Sensors
- Thermal Sensors, can detect heat/see heat level of enemy mechs
- Directional Jump Jets, you can control direction in mid-flight
- Jump Jet power variable on mech weight class, a a light 25tonner can be airbourne for over 1 minute 30 with Directional JJs, Assaults much less
- Leg damage inflicted if you dont land properly with JJs
- Stealth class Armour, the more of it you have, the closer you can get to an enemy mech before being detected
- Different Armour can now be put on different areas of the mech
- Another new armour type, not sure of the name but its got double the strength of Ferro Fibrous
- More realistic armour protection (something to do with armour deflecting light weapons fire)
- C3 Master and Slave radar system. A mech equipped with C3 Slave can transmit enemy info/location data to a Mech with C3 Master even if the C3 Master mech does not have direct Line of Sight of the enemy. Multiple Slave units can hook up with a Master.
- Greater use of Light Mechs due to their electronic warfare capabilities like C3/ECM/GPS System
- GPS system on some mech allows the use of a satellites to locate enemy mechs. Info displayed on radar and map.

... and moar
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xx Re: Mech Warrior 5 Dark Age
« Reply #31 on: Jul 12th, 2009, 6:55pm »

on Jul 12th, 2009, 4:22pm, LonesomePolecat wrote:
Jack, could you and Bun send Jehosaphat a message of condolence for all of us at W*P*P*C?

Yes, I will. Also I wish to send a message of condolence to a few members around here that has lost their father in the past week. Odd there has been a few..

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AWESOME! I honestly almost passed out from the sheer awesomeness of that video. LOOKS GREAT! However I doubt my current rig will run it.. I'll check later. Regardless. It's a year out or so.. I think I can fix this baby up for it..

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